Kingshighway Hills Preschool Plus

Your Educational Journey Begins Here


Welcome to Kingshighway Hills Preschool Plus.  We are located in south St. Louis, and we are designed for a very specific purpose.  We want to help parents on their journey through the educational maze that exists in St. Louis.  There are high quality schools in St. Louis and our purpose is to prepare preschoolers for success in the top elementary schools in the area.  Please call and request a tour so you can register and reserve a spot today.

Philosophy & Methods

Preschool Plus is dedicated to providing a warm, nurturing environment where children can learn and thrive. Our program will help your child learn and develop through a mix of both child centered and teacher led interactions. Each child is unique, and we value the special talents each child brings.

Our curriculum is based on the premise that children are naturally curious about their environment. The Preschool Plus environment is designed to encourage children to explore and interact with it.  Both play and structured academics are important in our program.  We schedule time  for both in our school day.  Children need free play to experiment and dream.  They develop a joy in discovery and learning.  Children learn about themselves and develop their cognitive, social, and emotional capabilities.

Our methods are a mix of the best teaching practices and philosophies.  We draw from Montessori-mixed aged grouping, Reggio Emilia-inquiry and project based learning; and traditional educational approaches.   

The educators who founded Preschool Plus have expertise in the full educational scale, from special education to gifted education. Our director, Laura Downs, is experienced in designing and delivering curricula.  Hannah Oberlohr is a lead teacher that brings Montessori experience to our school.  Both teachers have their Master's Degree.